You can downlad the latest version from Sourceforge.
If you want to start with the NeXtprot example data make sure that you have at least 5 Gigabytes disk space available.
The following prerequisites are necessary to get started with the example data.

  • Java version 1.5 or more recent.
  • A relational database system, e.g. MySQL server (recommended).
  • The most recent NeXtoR distribution which you can get from Sourceforge.

Installation of NeXtoR is strightforward. Just unpack the NeXtoR distribution into a directory of your choice. The remainder of this guide is assuming that you have been using NEXTOR_HOME.

Installation steps

  1. Download NeXtor.
  2. Create a directory NEXTOR_HOME.
  3. Change to NEXTOR_HOME and unzip
  4. Download NeXtprot mysql database dumps from here
    You have the choice of various flavors resulting in different database sizes.
  5. Extract the database dump to NEXTOR_HOME/data.